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Sailfish Swim School is eager to change the swim lesson dynamic as we strive to embody our mission to help every individual be safer in the water.


Our mission, stated above is what Sailfish Swim School is all about. We believe that water safety is a necessity for all people, especially those this close to the Pacific Ocean. Our Founder John, after spending several years of employment in swim lesson programs, grew disenchanted with the rigidity and inadequacy of the current lesson environment.  Further research into other swim schools led him to the conclusion that all lessons followed the same general structure; every segment of the lesson was on a certain time schedule, there was no room for improvisation or customization, and instructors were not permitted to use their own judgment when teaching.

Whether individual lessons or group lessons, the lack of flexibility hindered the learning progression of many of the children. Sailfish Swim School is aware that children are different in their gifts/talents and learn in different ways and at different paces.  Yet, swim schools refused to be flexible. Because of this, children would be in beginner swim lessons for sometimes years before they were even able to perform the most basic of safe swim techniques. At the same time, John realized that many schools don't even teach the correct skills to promote water safety among their swimmers.

These lesson programs were designed to keep children in the program for the maximum number of time. John did not agree with this philosophy. While still working for these schools, he began to design his own teaching philosophy that combined crucial water safety skills with a heavy emphasis on flexibility, to cater to each individual child's needs. When he developed the basis of his program, he left his employment at a swim program and began his own swim school in 2015. While the core of his lessons remain the same, he continues to develop new techniques to better help children succeed at his program. While advanced and intermediate swim skills take time to learn and different children learn at different paces, the basic aim of the school is to create an atmosphere in which children and adults can learn the basic skills they need to survive in the water in as little time as possible. 


The Sailfish Swim School also believes that in order to create a more comfortable environment for students, it is crucial to allow them a modicum of control of their lesson activities.  We keep them engaged and comfortable while exploring difficult and sometimes scary activities. By allowing our swimmers to chose the order in which they learn, we alleviate many of the fears produced when they have no control. This revolutionary concept has led to increased retention of swim skills among our swimmers. 


The main objective for Sailfish Swim School is to help everyone become safer in the water. When people feel safe in the water, they become passionate about swimming. All of our instructors and staff share a common thread; a passion for the water. While not everyone will love it like we do, it is our goal to see every individual, at the very least, understand that the water does not have to be a source of terror and for many it can be a source of wonder and beauty.

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