John Manison


  • Former USA Team Swimmer

  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certified

  • Lifeguard Certified

  • Level 3 Coaching School

  • Learn To Swim Certified Trainer

John Manison’s swimming addiction started when he played in the Ohio River at six months old. Growing up on Lake Erie, his love for the water grew and so did his lung capacity with swimming all summer long for many summers. Through his early teens, John competed in Triathlons excelling in the swimming portion and received several medals. When John was sixteen years old, he was struck with a rare disease, which permanently damaged his spinal cord and put him in a wheelchair. While still in the wheelchair, he decided to give competitive swimming a shot in High School. As John worked diligently to get out of his wheelchair, he also worked diligently on his swimming, advancing to the district level his senior year (without the use of his legs). John went on to compete at the USA level in disabled competitions where he was seeded first in the 1500 Freestyle, third in the 50 Breast Stroke, and sixth in the 50 Freestyle. He swam on the college level and served as the Head Swim Coach at Sierra Canyon. He is a USA Certified swimming Coach and continues to embrace and pass on his knowledge to young swimmers.


Coach John is ABSOLUTELY the BEST swim instructor. I cannot believe that in just a few short weeks my almost 3-year-old went from having zero swim experience to actually swimming! John has such patience to work through screaming cries and whining for Mommy. Nothing takes him off his main focus – teaching my kiddo how to swim safely. Not only is he a fantastic coach, but he also has fun songs to sing for each new technique. Warning: they WILL get stuck in your head. But my little one loves to come home and play swim lessons with her dolls, which only helps reinforce the lessons from John and its fun. Who could ask for more?! Highly recommend him.

Geraldine Belafsky


Alisha "Ali" Stone
General Manager

  • Former Competitive Swimmer

  • Former Water Polo Player

  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certified

  • Lifeguard Certified

Ali first became acquainted with the water in Phoenix, Arizona where she was born. Here is where her grandparents owned a pool and diving board, where her love for the water truly began. Some of her best and earliest memories are in the pool with family. Her love for the water and swimming would follow her into later life when she moved to California. Entering high school she joined the water polo team and swim team, where she would compete and place in games, meets, and championships, as well as becoming an awarded player and team member. Post high school, Ali continued to swim for fun and exercise until becoming a part of the Sailfish team.


Ali serves the San Fernando Valley and SUNLAND/TUJUNGA areas.

Ali with Carlos (Emmy).jpg

Kendra Culver
Senior Instructor

  • Former Competitive Swimmer

  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certified

  • Lifeguard Certified

Kendra's love of the water started at the age of 5 when she first started swim lessons at her community pool. She was infamously known as the kid who would fearlessly jump into the pool and start laughing underwater despite not yet knowing how to swim and resurface (much to the dismay of her instructor who would always have to keep a vigilant eye on her). She spent many hours of her childhood in the water, joining the Junior Swim Team and then later on swimming competitively in High School where she was a Swim Captain senior year. At 17 she took a Lifeguard Certification Class and began working as a Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor and part time Lifeguard. Loving the position she continued working at the pool for almost 4 years until she ended up moving from her hometown. Still an avid swimmer to this day Kendra will never pass up the opportunity to hop in for a swim and play in the water.

Kendra serves the LOS ANGELES AREA

Backstroke Swimmer