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Swimming in a Pandemic.

What a world we live in today. How could anyone predict the vast changes

that would need to be made to combat a worldwide pandemic affecting the

lives of so many, each and every day? As the second round of the Covid-19

outbreaks continue to rise, we must figure out how to navigate our everyday

life. As more businesses close, it gets harder and harder to find activities to

occupy our time. Add small children into the mix and peace seems almost

impossible. Fortunately, there is a solution. Private Swim Lessons.

While taking private swim lessons cannot completely mitigate the risk of

contracting Covid-19, there are not many activities that put you or your child at

minimal risk. There are several benefits to taking private lessons with Sailfish

Swim School. The first benefit is that with private lessons, there is no

exposure to a bunch of kids and parents that would occur with group lessons.

With group swim lessons it is harder to keep track of children as they come in

for lessons and you run the risk of coming into contact with someone that has

Covid-19. The second benefit is the fact that all of our lessons are at your

home. By bringing swim lessons to you, we limit exposure to outside

contaminants that may contain the virus. Your home is a clean Covid-19 free

environment. The final benefit is the simple fact that we are in a chlorinated,

brominated, or a salt-chlorinated pool. The chemicals used in your pool are

specifically designed to kill germs and viruses. As such, if an instructor does

come into the pool with some trace of the Covid-19 virus on their skin, the

chemicals in the pool will kill it.

In short, there are not many activities that you or your child can do safer than

Private Swim Lessons. While nothing is fool-proof, you run more of a risk of

contracting Covis-19 by going to the grocery store. Give us a call today to

schedule your free trial lesson.

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