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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The fastest fish in the ocean... A Sailfish!. This idea became the founding principle of the Sailfish Swim Club, a competitive swim team in the San Fernando Valley. To be the fastest, is the goal of every competitive swimmer, and so, we adopted this fish as our mascot to remind us of what we want. Then, as time passed, the idea of the Sailfish re-emerged with the Sailfish Swim School. This time, the goal was not to be the fastest swimmers, but to teach individuals water safety skills as fast as we can.

While other schools take years to teach their swimmers the basics, our goal followed that of the Sailfish; teach the basics as quickly as possible. Sure, this means that some people may leave after their child learns the basics. This may result in us losing the potential to make money off of them in the long run; however, we have helped a child(or adult) become safer in the water, which to be honest, is our goal. In the long run it works out for us as many of our swimmers choose to continue to take lessons with us so that they can develop stronger water skills. We strive to embody our mission, regardless of how that may turn out.

Sailfish Swim School is eager to change the swim lesson dynamic as we strive to embody our mission to help every individual be safer in the water.

That's our mission and we are sticking to it!

Stay tuned for swimming pointers, fun stories and updates from the life of the Sailfish Swim School

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